It has been 6 years since I have decided to move off shared hosting like Dreamhost and Hostmonster. But never minded that Linode, the VPS suggested by many, would try to fool me like them.

So, what happened? Well, I have deployed a new profile in my ex-linode with Ubuntu Server 12 LTS 64-bits, reinstalled everything from scratch, and rebooted to start fresh. Is a nice feeling, you know? The expectation of a fresh LAMP barbeque after being cooking for a couple of hours. But unfortunately I got a cold pizza! It rebooted with a terrible kernel panic… so decided to contact support, willing to get good feedback. But this was the answer:

Linode says: “It seems that an OS update between then and now has caused this issue. At this point, I would suggest redeploying your Linode and copying over any files you need. If you wish to continue to troubleshoot this issue, you may want to reach out to our active user community.”

Man, I did that already, the old Ubuntu 10 profile was dead, why should I cook a new one if there lots of nicer things to do?… so I highlighted that, but the answer was hilarious:

Linode says: “due to a bug in Upstart it appears the actual issue is not being printed, so it’s hard to say what the exact cause is. You can read more about the Upstart bug here: - The only error on your console of worth is regarding dbus not running. But this may be due to something that the Upstart issue is masking.”

Just have installed a LAMP and rebooted! that is a dead simple task(even time consuming) that I use to do every other month, since almost 10 years ago! Honestly I would expect better support from a shared hosting of US$ 2.00 a month. Actually, I can search the issue and resolve it by myself, but is Linode’s job to have their boxes working, Linux deployment included! because I work at the application level. Cooking the LAMP is my business but you make the grill Lie-note! Got it?

So, it looks like Linode has migrated their servers to the Nightmare-hosting neighborhood. And I won’t pay for that service level. Keep your hosting good NOW! TODAY! yesterday is just history!

Thanks for the good service during the past anyway…


P.S: Have you being fooled recently? Please let me know :)