I can't read a PACKT book without getting fortunately surprised by the high profile of the author. Thank you Matt Butcher for this brilliant masterpiece.

In order to read "Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery" you only need to talk "grasp" Javascript, "rudimentary" HTML & CSS and have some familiarity with PHP. If you want to evolve from PHP neophyte and Javascript looser(and perhaps hater), read this book and be careful! because Matt "Yoda" Butcher will kindly teach you the secret arts of jQuery Knights from the ancient order of Drupal.

This adventure of 324 pages begins with a courage test: Do you speak PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript? Don't fear! This book includes a gently description for each of those languages, which tells "who is who" and helps to focus on the target: Javascript. The next challenge is perhaps the most important: Drupal's Architecture. Facing you with key concepts of Drupal: Theme, Module, Node, User and Block. Then, with a solid background you will then be ready to receive your own army knife: Drupal Javascript Development Tools.

When second lesson comes is time to join the concepts of "wax on and wax off", I'm talking about Working with Javascript and Drupal, here is when the real action begins. Twenty pages before you were learning about what a theme is, but now is time to create your very first Drupal stuff at the rhythm of the unforgettable Backstreet Boys song "Step by Step". But cooking your own delicious Drupal theme with Javascript potatoes and CSS tomatoes is not enough for a dinner that you deserve. Lesson number tree will show results of your effort and dedication, it is time for jQuery!

I've just commented about of three chapters, and there are six more waiting for you! Will let you discover and enjoy this book by your self. Remember, Drupal is not hard, it just takes time (like some of the best things in life).