One of my best friends sold me an Android HTC T-mobile G2. Him told me that an smartphone can change the lifestyle, that was right for me too!

After 2 months of playing with it, and being tired of using closed source software in an open source operating system (a.k.a Android), started to look for free (as in bear and as in speech) alternatives. Be warned that you will void your device warranty and should backup all your personal data: phone contacts, messages, etc, so you can recover it, after all, freedom needs some job ;)

  1. Unlock your device: For some reason carriers think that they have the right to lock your device. They don’t rent it, you bought the hardware, so give freedom to your device. I have found to work in less than 48 hours, just had to provide my IMEI code.
  2. Operating System: it lives in a ROM that have to be flashed, there are some options there out, but Cyanogenmod is what I’m using currently, is faster than the stock HTCs and more battery efficient. Do your homework, follow the instructions carefully and make sure that your device is supported!
  3. Calendar: I can’t believe that stock Calendar only works with google accounts and “Exchange Mobile”, but hopefully there is an alternative calendar that supports the same, Zoho Calendar (via Exchange Mobile) and CalDAV! The hero is caldav4j. But is a bit tricky to install, had to enable “install from unknown sources” in settings (the .apk is in the SVN repo), and then before installing you should force close calendar and calendar store.
  4. Web Browser: It is time for Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox 4, just look for it in the Android Market. I encourage you tu enable “Sync”, so you can share bookmarks between your desktop/laptop and your mobile device.
  5. Builid your own freedom: Titanium Appcelerator is an framework for building cross-platform Mobile Apps, Android and iPhone!

Have you found other free and open source apps? let me know :D