With that in mind, let’s imagine it is 2022, there is no Flash, no Javascript, nor PHP around. How most web developers would face their projects? Ruby, Python, ASP.net and other alternatives might come to our minds when trying to replace PHP. And perhaps you don’t mind about Flash because it just quietly disappeared the past decade, being replaced by the amazing HTML5. Now what about Javascript? that is hard to imagine, perhaps Google Dart is being used along with some other alternatives.

It looks like we are missing something very important, right? It is called Event Oriented Programming, which is changing the way websites are being implemented back in the present. So something really nasty had to happen to not have Javascript in the future, both server and client(web browser) side.

Let me do a suggestion: Lua, it is just so amazing that perhaps few geeks believe in its powers. What I’m doing with Ophal is to believe in a future that still has room for new web platforms and even some CMS, written in a technology that is not the standard, but best suited for current and future needs. The reason is: performance, because nowadays most web developers don’t care about performance, generating a wide range of problems in the economy and the environment.

Fortunately, there is a solution called crisis, which is happening and setting limits, just like oil, we now have car engines that perform better and better every time, there is even a movement of people switching to bicycles. So I see a future almost free of deficient technologies, still full of innovation and with performance finally back in mind.

Of course, I’m just dreaming, the future is non-existent, nor real, just the present, but we can still do something to live a better present!


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