FOLLOW-UP: The unknown heroes behind Drupal community in Latinamerica.

This is an answer to the post Growing Drupal in Latin America (by Dries Buytaert).

I’m glad that the founder of the Drupal project finally writes about Latin America, yet I agree to disagree with his vision on how the Drupal community is growing. Yet he will have the opportunity to meet the Drupal Latina community, so hopefully, if he really wants, his vision will improve.

The good news is: Drupal in Latin America (a.k.a Drupal Latina) is growing! hurray!

Expectations fall behind the reality

It happens to me all the time, when visiting a new local community, my vision is pretty limited to what they shared in the social networks. Even when my expectations are high, the reality surpasses it. There are amazing histories behind all the local communities in Latin America and the world, they are awaiting for people willing to listen.

There is not mere chance, but unknown heroes

Some day, an unknown hero wakes up to the Drupal community, mets peers, and says: “If this great things happen somewhere else, we can make it happen here. Let’s do it!”. If the Drupal Latina community has grown, is not just because of the know faces that one uses to see in camps and summits, there is a lot of people that bid high for the community, they make the actual magic.

Authority comes from hard work

From my perspective, Dries is an important historic leader in the community but there are other persons in the community and the Drupal Association that better know why and how Drupal Latina is growing. That knowledge (not just an opinion) is the result of hard work: talk with people, analyze, document feedback, make conclusions and invite the community to provide feedback. Such people have something to say and they have the real authority, I’m eager to listen to them next week at Drupalcon Latinamerica.


Drupal Latina community is in a great position to let the worldwide Drupal community know our history, then a lot of magic will happen. People will talk, strategic connections will happen at personal, professional, business and community levels. In short, visions will merge into a new improved, bigger, more ambitious and powerful one, this is our opportunity Latinos, let’s take it for the good of everyone!