With the purpose of testing Ophal in a real use case, just implemented a proof of concept.

The result is the pre-alpha of: MeQuejo.PE, which seems to be a news aggregator, but it really is a list of search results provided by Google Custom Search API, thanks to a search engine with several custom criteria. Such results are consumed with the help of Lua Spore module.

The implementation of this proof of concept was very productive for The Ophal Project, because it has shown the need of an static cache, to store the search results locally. So, a minimalist Boost module has been implemented, based on the Drupal one of same name. Also, support for “output buffering” has to be implemented in Ophal core, although it has not used the facilities already provided by the library Nutria Seawolf, because Ophal does not needs a stack of buffers (ala PHP) by now.

And talking about Nutria Seawolf, during the implementation of Boost it has raised the idea of reorganize the functions library, because inherit PHP’s nomenclature does not necessarily means to inherit its disorder. Such as the module “fs” (abbreviation of Filesystem), which contains the implementation of PHP standard functions, but it should extend the module “lfs” (abbreviation of Lua FileSystem). In the source code you can see that it is not consistent to use two objects of similar names.

Summary, MeQuejo.PE contributed much as a test case for Ophal and helped to see the weak points in the architecture of Nutria Seawolf.