I really like Firefox and family(Swiftweasel / Iceweasel), for both: work and home, because they are key tools(I’m Drupal developer & themer) but they stress me sometimes because can consume all my resources in conjunction with my local webserver: Apache, MySQL and PostgreSQL, so I use a lighweight alternative: Iceape(Debian version of Seamonkey). By first view it is not “cool”, looks simple and sometimes older(original Mozilla style), but is really lightweight and renders the same as Firefox because it uses same Gecko. The main problem is about addons, there are really few for Seamonkey, and there is not build-in session support, which is terrible because I experience forced-crashes(as part of my testing tasks). Hopefully I have found the solution, there is a repository of patched addons for Seamonkey.

So… for installing Session Manager:

Admin stage

  1. Open a terminal as root
  2. execute IceApe: $ sudo -H iceape
  3. Download a legacy Session Manager and Crash Recovery
  4. Install Crash Recovery by opening downloaded crash_recovery-......xpi with IceApe
  5. Install Session Manager the same way
  6. Close IceApe
  7. Fix permissions for let normal users to access Session Manager from IceApe $ sudo chmod a+r /usr/share/iceape/chrome/crashrecovery.jar $ sudo chmod a+r /usr/lib/iceape/components/crashrecovery.js $ sudo chmod a+r /usr/lib/iceape/components/crashrecovery.xpt

User stage

  1. Go to Tools -> Session Manager -> Resume Current Session at Startup
  2. Enjoy the lightweight Mozilla!