It was August 2008 when I proposed an international “Drupalers Meet Up at Machu Pichu (Perú)”, and still have that dream coming to my mind, fueling my passion for the freedom of software.

Getting back to the cancellation of Drupalcon Sao Paulo 2012, remembered that “energy never dies, it just changes form”, and dude we are fully charged of energies!

Yeah! Drupal community has some dark historic episodes, including a server downtime (2005), a volcano in Iceland during Drupalcon San Francisco (2010) and a Drupalcon being cancelled, but wait! Remember… , we never give up! never!

The Drupal Latino community got great momentum and keeps moving forward! So, where all those energies moved? some were already there, others are getting extra batteries, and some are transforming into more Drupalcamps:

  • 4th Drupalcamp Central America Oct/2012
  • 6th Drupalcamp Perú Oct/2012
  • 2nd Drupalcamp Rio Nov/2012
  • 2nd Drupalcamp Guatemala Jan/2013
  • 1st Drupalcamp Bolivia Feb/2013
  • 1st Drupalcamp Mexico Mar/2013
  • 3rd Drupal Summit Latino - Loja, Ecuador Mar/2013

(And at least 4 more events yet to be confirmed!)

Aren’t that awesome news?!

So let’s move hotel and flight reservations, stand up and keep moving forward, we are just starting something amazing!