Let me talk about the history(hehe) I was webmaster of somesite.com from october 2006 to march 2007. In January 2007, my new boss wanted to port current home made CMS to a solid platform. My boss choice was Java, using JBoss(I still smile when remember). I’ve made research by 3 weeks… Drupal was the winner, core+community comply at least 80% of full somesite.com functionalities, the other missing had to be just 2 months of customization and integration of special funcionalities, then the theme and final testing. In February 2007, porting idea was discontinuated, then I’ve started to be fulltime freelancer since March 2007. I’ve ported my blog from Joomla to Drupal in May 2007 because I’ve wanted a more robust platform, Drupal brings more than robust, you get a lot of fun :)


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